Promoting mental health and wellbeing through self-awareness and mindfulness practice, within multiple dimensions of the human experience across the lifespan, is the key focus of all counselling at Creative Seeds.

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Counselling                                                ($120/hour)

Taking some quality time to discuss your concerns with a Counsellor will help you have a clear view for future direction, decision making and to access multiple tools and techniques for confident coping and adaptation to life stressors.  Such resilience will naturally ripple outwards and touch relationships in your life.  

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Art Therapy                                                ($120/hour)

Art making is an ancient form of healing and is shown to facilitate insight, personal growth and transformation.  In contemporary healing and medical environments, Art Therapy is shown to relieve stress and control pain.  People participate in art therapy around the world to help with physical illness, having surgery or drug interventions, and experiencing psychological and emotional problems

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Groups & Workshops          ($60 - $100pp per workshop)

Development and facilitation of organisational workshops as requested. Topics include techniques and skills for life balance and wellbeing, including mindfulness, self-care, self-compassion, resilience, and more. Individuals are able to explore topics from their own perspective while connecting with other like-minded people.